The Connected Workplace


The Connected Workplace

Cloud Connected Products and Services to Save You Time & Money.


uAttend – Employee Management System


uAccept – Cloud Connected Point of Sale System


uPunch – It’s Time To Work


About The Connected Workplace

Let’s face it, great technology for your business can be expensive. Very Expensive. The only businesses that are able to take advantage of advancements in technology are big businesses with big budgets and big teams.

At Processing Point, we are a small business that is dedicated to providing local businesses low-cost products and services so they can compete with large national chains. In order to help you compete, we leverage the power of the cloud to give you 24/7 access to vital business data that will help your company grow.

We are the leader in providing innovative solutions to thousands of small businesses nationwide. From cloud connected time and attendance to the latest in mobile payments technology, we invest heavily in new technology in order to bring products and services that save our clients time and money while performing mission-critical business tasks.